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Car & Motorbike Rental in Ha Giang - Best Prices Guaranteed!

Ha Giang, Vietnam

Ha Giang City, Ha Giang Province

Car & Motorbike Rental in Ha Giang - Best Prices Guaranteed!

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Yamaha Exciter Rental

Yamaha Exciter

Yamaha Exciter

$22/ Day

(123 rating)

The Yamaha Exciter is rented by Car & Motorbike rental in Ha Giang. We operate with a select few models that we feel are the best performing motorbikes in Ha Giang, Vietnam. The Yamaha Exciter is the only Yamaha motorbike to make it into our long-distance travel fleet!

  • 2 helmets
  • 2 disposable raincoats
  • Motor insurance + vehicle registration (photo)
  • Motorcycle protective gear
  • Damage insurance
Transmission Manual
Gears 5 Gears
Engine Size 150 cc
Seat Height 780 mm
Weight 115 KG
Horse Power 15.1 HP
Tank Size 4.2 Litres


Answer: People's identity card (original); Driving license (original and copy); Passport (passport) if a foreigner; Deposit of VND 3,000,000 or more depending on type of vehicle.
If you want to do Ha Giang Loop by motorcycle or car (self-drive), you will need an international driving license. Only the 1968 International Driving Permit in Vietnam is valid for use in Vietnam. Other types of international driver’s licenses, including the IAA driving license, are not.
The validity of the International Driving Permit in Vietnam has been arranged through the 1968 Vienna Convention. The convention was signed by Vietnam at August 20, 2014 and established by law in Circular No. 29/2015/TT-BGTVT dated July 6, 2015.

Answer: Check carefully whether the vehicle's papers are still valid or not. Bring full documents, especially Driver's License, and Identity Card. Read carefully the vehicle handover report as if there are any scratches, the actual petrol line when handing over.

Answer: You can book a vehicle via email, phone (WhatsApp, Telegram) or fill in booking form on our website.

Answer: You absolutely do not incur any penalty fees for canceling a deposit before the time of the performance of the vehicle rental contract (this don't apply vehicle rental on holidays, Tet, ...). Please read our Refund & Cancellation Policies

Answer: You should call our Hotline (+84825331983) to inform and agree on the repair and payment costs based on the agreement of both parties.

Answer: We have many lines of both motorcycles and cars to match the needs of customers both short and long-term lease cars as 4-5 seats, 7 seats, 9 seats, 16 seats, 29 seats; Automatic transmission, semi-automation transmission, manual transmission.

Answer: We provides new vehicle models and is registered and maintenance periodically.

Answer: You can sign contracts to rent for relatives or friends. Depending on the vehicle rental partner who will ask you to add 1 to the relevant documents in the name of the vehicle rental contract.

Answer: Vehicle rental rates will be calculated by day and by hour. If you pay the vehicle later than the agreed time, it will be charged based on the number of hours past due or in excess of the kilometer. Vehicle rental prices for holidays or weekends are often higher than on weekdays.

Answer: Transfer payment, transfer fees will be paid by the customer. Cashing. Credit card payment

Answer: Ha Giang is the most impressive region in Vietnam. Here you will find the most beautiful mountains and the most authentic minority villages. You will regret here if you fall short; the longer the better. But Ha Giang was not developed for tourism, so this also means that accommodations and restaurants are very basic. This gives a more authentic feeling, but can also take some people out of their comfort zone.

Answer: You can leave your bulky luggage at the office in Ha Giang City or at your hotel in Hanoi and bring only your essentials. No problem to bring backpacks on the motorcycle. They are located on the back of the bike, so you don’t have to hold it. Suitcases are not possible on the motorcycle. If you are taking the car there is room for suitcases.

Answer: There is little traffic in Ha Giang, but the roads are winding through mountain passes and are sometimes of poor quality. But the guides on the motorcycle (Easy Riders) are professional drivers who have done this journey countless times. They can guarantee your safety and let you enjoy a great experience without worry.

Answer: It is possible to drive in Ha Giang loop yourself, however we do not offer this option for the following reason: officially it is illegal to drive a motorcycle without a Vietnamese motorcycle license in Vietnam; this also means that your insurance will not fully cover you in the event of an accident. If you do not have much experience or if you are not a confident driver, we do not recommend that you drive yourself.

Answer: The weather in the mountains can be difficult to predict, but even when it rains you can still follow the Ha Giang motor loop. Your luggage is protected against rain with a rain cover. Even if the weather isn’t perfect, this trip is still one of the best experiences you can do in Vietnam.

Answer: No, you can't. Because If you want to drive by yourself so you must have international driving license. And the road of Ha Giang Loop is dangerous for those who have less experienced motorcycles.

Answer: With 3 days and 2 nights and departing from Ha Giang City, you can go according to the following schedule:
✪ Day 1: Ha Giang City ➔ Minh Tan village ➔ Bac Sum slope ➔ Quan Ba Heaven Gate ➔ A stop to watch the Twin Mountains ➔ Can Ty ➔ Lonely tree ➔ Yen Minh town ➔ Tham Ma slope ➔ Nine sloping slope ➔ Pao's house ➔ Palace of the Vuong (Meo King) ➔ Lung Cu flagpole ➔ Northernmost point ➔ Dong Van town
✪ Day 2: ➔ Ma Pi Leng ➔ Nho Que River ➔ Tu San canyon (by boat) ➔ Meo Vac ➔ M-shaped crabs ➔ Mau Due ➔ Du Gia (Village visit, Du Gia Waterfall)
✪ Day 3: Duong Thuong village ➔ Lung Tam village ➔ Lung Khuy Cave (Quan Ba) ➔ Ha Giang City
Or you can go in the opposite direction:
✪ Day 1: Ha Giang city ➔ Bac Sum slope ➔ Quan Ba heaven gate ➔ Twin mountains ➔ Lung Khuy cave ➔ Du Gia village ➔ Du Gia waterfall
✪ Day 2: Du Gia ➔ Mau Due ➔ M-shaped crabs ➔ Meo Vac town ➔ Nho Que river ➔ Take a boat trip to visit Tu San canyon ➔ Ma Pi Leng pass ➔ Dong Van old town
✪ Day 3: Dong Van ➔ Lung Cu flag pole ➔ Northermost point of Vietnam ➔ Hmong king's palace ➔ Tham Ma pass ➔ Yen Minh town ➔ Lonely tree ➔ Lung Tam village ➔ Thai An village ➔ Ha Giang city
☑ If you need a more day itinerary or less day itinerary please contact us, we are happy to assist you to plan your trip.

Answer: We offer an optional Motorcycle Damage Insurance, which covers any damage you may incur in an accident on the motorcycle.
The insurance also covers the cost of transporting the motorcycle back to Ha Giang City if you damage or injure yourself in such a way that the motorcycle cannot be returned. The insurance would cover two persons riding a motorcycle, even if only one person is injured so that the journey cannot continue. Accompanying drivers on other motorcycles are not included.
☑In the event of an accident, contact us and we will do our best to find the fastest and best means to take you to a medical facility and / or back to Ha Giang City. However, due to distance the support may take some time.
☑In the event of damage to the motorcycle that needs repair to continue driving and repair on the road, find a local mechanic (available in almost all villages) and contact us and we will discuss with the mechanic and see how you in the fastest way can be back on the road. The costs incurred will be refunded upon return of the motorcycle if you have taken out the insurance.
☑The insurance does NOT cover the personal medical expenses or costs for third parties if you have an accident. Theft of motorcycles is not covered, but if you use normal care and don’t leave the bike with key in it is unlikely that the bike would be stolen
☑The insurance does NOT cover for matters that is your personal responsibility in compliance with Vietnamese traffic rules and regulations, such as over speeding [40km/hour in towns and 70 km/hours on high ways.]
☑The insurance does NOT cover for decision to end your trip for any reason other than a serious accident. If you need to end your trip for other reasons, such as a serious illness, we will be happy to help and bring you and your motorcycle back to Ha Giang City. The normal transport costs are then your responsibility.
☑There is no access fee (real claims are fully refunded upon return of the motorcycle).
☑Mechanical errors of the motorcycle resulting from our service / maintenance are always refunded in full insured or not.
☑The decision to refuse insurance is up to you. However, you are fully responsible to cover all repair costs (with original spare parts) up to the full cost of a new replacement motorcycle (in the worst case) and the transport of the motorcycle back to Ha Giang City and/or Cao Bang. We are still here to support you, but all costs and transport cost will be yours. Keep in mind that some of our motorcycles are special imports and spare parts can be comparatively expensive compared to your home country. Any disputes will be settled under Vietnamese law.

Answer: From Hanoi to Ha Giang you have 2 options: private car or bus. The easiest way to travel from Hanoi to Ha Giang is by private car. And te cheapest way is by bus. Several buses depart from Hanoi to Ha Giang daily, and the journey takes 6 to 7 hours, depending on the bus providers. We also provide this service, please contact us to support you.

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